Q1: Which are the organizations that process the application of domain names in English?
A1: TWNIC no longer provides service in processing new application and revision of domain name. You could link to any of the following six authorized registration agencies via the TWNIC to select your registration service. They are
TISNet Technology Inc. (http://reg.tisnet.net.tw/)
Asia Pacific Online (http://rs.apol.com.tw/)
ChungHwa Telecom (http://nweb.hinet.net/)
PC Home Online(http://myname.pchome.com.tw/)
Digital United Inc.(http://rs.seed.net.tw/)
Q2: How many types of English Domain Names are there, and what is their respective qualification for registration?
A2: “com.tw”: is for companies incorporated under the Company Law or businesses registered under the Business Registration Law.
“net.tw”: is for Internet service providers .( With class 1 telecommunication business license or permit for installation of network, or with class 2 telecommunication business license).
“org.tw”: properly incorporated corporate entities or foundations.
“idv.tw”: individuals (nationals of the Republic of China)
Q3: Basic principle for applying for English Domain Name?
A3: (1) Based on the “first come first served” principal.
(2) The applicant could apply for more than one-domain names, with a maximum of 20 unpaid domain names.
(3) Applicant could choose respective domain name for registration in accordance with the types of names and their requirements, and apply with respective agencies.
(4) Applicants should attach relevant documents for their application of respective type of domain name for screening.
Q4: Is there any requirement on the use of characters in applying for English domain names?
A4: (1) Applicant could use 52 English alphabets in either capital or small letters, numbers from 0-9, and “hyphens” (-), up to a total of 63 characters. However, the first and the last characters had to be English alphabets or numbers. In addition, no special symbols under RFC-1035 shall be used.
(2) Requirement in the length of the characters: in each of the Domain Name, there should be at least 2 characters, but no more than 63 characters.
Q5: The application procedure for English domain name?
A5: There are four steps in the application for English domain name, (1) fill in the data for registration online, (2) print out the review report and the approval of documents, (3) payment, and (4) set up DNS.
For further details about the registration, please refer to the six registration agencies.
Q6: How long would it take to process and application for English domain name?
A6: Please refer to the respective regulations of the six registration agencies.
Q7: What kind of documents should be prepared for the application of com.tw?
A7: Photocopies of incorporation documents. For example, Business Registration Certificate or Company License issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the domain name application form.
# The following documents could be used in lieu of the Business Registration Certificates
* Hospitals: Permit for operation.
* Law firms (paralegal offices on land property): Notification on the assignment of uniform business code. (no individual license for lawyers would be accepted).
* Theater: Permit for the establishment of amateur entertainment groups
* Small proprietorships: certificate for the purchase of uniform commercial invoice, or the notification on the assignment of uniform business code by the Ministry of Finance.
Q8: What kind of documents should be prepared for the application of org.tw?
A8: Photocopies of incorporation documents of the applicant. For example, registration document for foundations (foundations, incorporation document for corporate entities, incorporation documents of private groups issued by the Ministry of Interior, etc.) and the domain name application form.
Q9: What kind of document should be prepared for the application of net.tw?
A9: The applicant shall attach photocopies of class 1 license for telecommunications business or permit for the installation of network, or class 2 telecommunications business license and the domain name application form.
If the applicant is an academic research unit and the network would be use for academic purpose, it shall attach a plan on the use of the network when submitting the application. Upon the approval of TWNIC, the application could be processed.
Q10: How could foreign firms apply?
A10: Since foreign firms do not possess any incorporation documents of our country, they would have to appoint a local lawyer as the agent to act on their behalves if they want to apply for .tw domain names. The appointed agent should submit:
(1) The letter of consent in English for the application of English domain name. Please go to http://rs.twnic.nettw/appendix_3.html for a print out.
(2) The incorporation documents of the appointed agent (license for law firm operation, or the notification on the assignment of uniform business code for law firm).
(3) The authorization of agent from the applicant.
(4) The profile of the applicant in English and Chinese.
(5) The incorporation documents of the applicant in its place of residence, like the corporation certificate.
Q11: Is there any difference in using capital letters of small letters for the domain name in English?
A 11: Only small letters would be accepted for such application. Once approved, it would make no difference if the user key in the Domain Name in capital or small letters. Either the word written in capital letters or small letters would direct to the same URL or E-mail Address.
Q12: How about the charge for the English Domain Name?
A 12: For first time application of English Domain Name, the annual fee would be NT$2,250 (which include NT$ 450 registration fee and the annual fees for two years). If the Domain Name was continued to use, another NT$1,800 would be charged (fees for two years). However, the registration agencies could make their own rules for charging, but not exceed the level approved by Domain Name Committee of TWNIC.
Q13: How should we pay when we apply for the English Domain Name?
A13: TWNIC no longer provide service in processing newly applied English Domain Name, but still serves continuing clients. You could go to http://rs.twnic.net.tw/eng-pay.html for reference. If you want to apply with the six registration agencies, please refer to their respective regulations.
Q14: How many years could I pay in advance in order to use the Domain Name?
A14: In order to avoid ownership problems and difficulties in system integration caused by different forms of payments, TWNIC requires that only 2-year advance payment for each Domain Name shall be accepted. Therefore, no advance payment beyond the period of two years shall be accepted.
Q15: Would I be notified when the term of using the Domain Name expires?
A15: Ninety days before the expiration, respective registration agency would notify the applicant or the agent of the applicant by e-mail and ordinary mail with a payment notice. If the user wants to continue to use the Domain Name, it could take relevant procedure for renewal of service.
Q16: What would happen if the Domain Name user fails to renew its account when expires?
A16: If the applicant fails to pay the annual fee upon expiration, the registration agency would suspend (freeze) its service for 90 days. If after 90 days the applicant still fails to pay the annual fee for renewal, the domain name should be canceled.
Q17: Would it be safe to use credit card online?
A17: We use the SSL (Security Socket Layer) security encryption mechanism for online payment by credit cards, which could provide Connection Security service. Users could have the peace of mind in the security concern.
Q18: If fund has been remitted for the English Domain Name, how could I transmit my remittance information online?
A18: TWNIC no longer provide service for processing newly applied English Domain Name, but would still service continuing clients. You could go to http://rs.twnic.net.tw/eng-check.html to transmit your information for proof of payment. If you want to apply with the six registration agencies, please refer to their respective rules.
Q19: How could I get a refund on overpayment on the Domain Name?
A19: (1) TWNIC refunds by checks. Firstly, we would request our client to send us a letter for refund request (any format and pages), and specifying the reason for refund and the following information: Domain Name, company name in full, uniform business code, name of contact, mailing address for the sending check. In addition, the client is also requested to apply the corporate seal and the seal of the statutory representative on the letter, and send the letter together with the photocopies of the remittance receipt and business registration certificate (no fax) to our office by mail. (Our address: 4F-2, No. 9, Roosevelt Road Section II, Taipei, 100).
(2) If you choose to register with the sixth agencies authorized by TWNIC, you could follow their respective regulations for refund.
Q20: How to check out the owner of particular Domain Name?
A20: You could go to the home page of TWNIC, and select whois on the left side of the page for inquiry. You just have to key in the Domain Name you want to check.
Q21: How to check the status of processing for an application of Domain Name, and how to check the validity period?
A21: TWNIC only provides this function for those who registered with them. You could use your PIN to go to http://rs.twnic.net.tw/eng-status.html to check the status of processing. If you registered with the six registration agencies, you could simply go to their respective web page to select “status inquiry” function.
Q22: If there are changes in the name of company or information for contact (like the address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail)?
A22: If the applicant change its company name, it has to go to http://rs.twnic.net.tw/einfo.html to print out the application form for change in company name or uniform business code, fill in the form in detail, apply the corporate seal and the seal of the statutory representative, and send them together with the photocopies of the business registration certification and document for proof of company name change (like the record for change of registration contents or the company license issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs) to our office. For other basic information (like the name of applicant, telephone and fax number, address, and e-mail), applicants just have to go to http://rs.twnic.net.tw/eng-changeinfo.html and change it online.
Q23: If the PIN was missed, how to find out?
A23: TWNIC only provides this service to clients registered with it. You could contact the person who processed your application for inquiry. If the PIN is confirmed lost, you would need to go to http://rs.twnic.net.tw/dnspassword.html to print out the application form for a new PIN. After filling in the form properly, you should send it together with a photocopy of your business registration certificate to our office. We would reply by e-mail after proper screening of the documents. If clients applied with the six registration agencies, they should go to the home page of respective agencies to find out the details.
Q24: How to process the assignment of right over the Domain Name (company A changed to company B)?
A24: Please fills in the application form for change of company name/uniform business code in full detail with information on the new company. In addition, a letter of consent stating the assignment of right of certain Domain Name is required. There is no specific format for this letter but details proving mutual consent for such transfer shall be required. Further, both parties shall apply their respective corporate seal and the seal of their respective statutory representative to the letter. The applicant should send all those documents, photocopies of their previous business registration certificate and current business registration certificate, or incorporation documents, to our office by mail.
Q25: How to set up the DNS for the English Domain Name?
A25: In the field of Domain Name Server on the left side, please key in DNS hostname, and then key in the corresponding IP address in the field of IP address on the right side.
Domain Name Server IP Address
Dns1.domain.com.tw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Dns2. domain.com.tw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
If you have problems in understanding DNS, please go to our Website: http://www.twnic.net.tw/ to select the Domain Name Discussion Zone and see how the other users do.
Q26: How to modify HOST/IP data in DNS?
A26: TWNIC only provides this service to users who registered with it. You could go to http://rs.twnic.net.tw/eng-ip.html, and use your PIN to enter DNS (specifying or modifying HOST/IP).
For the users who registered with the six registration agencies, please go to the home page of respective agency to select DNS (specifying or modifying HOST/IP) function for reference.
Q27: How soon would it take to valid DNS after selecting?
A27: After you have selected DNS (HOST/IP), the registration system would regularly update the TWNIC DNS database. Therefore, it would be validated in 24 hours.
Q28: When the Website is still under construction, could we apply for Domain Name?
A28: Once approved, there would be no requirement on when you should start using your Domain Name. If you did not apply for your website space, you could specify your DNS (HOST/IP) first. But be sure to remember your PIN so that you could set up the whole thing online by yourself by the time you are ready to start your operation.
Q29: When the procedure for the application of Domain Name is completed, how to link to the search engines of major gateways?
A29: TWNIC only takes care of Domain Name registration. If you want to link your Website to the search engines of major gateways, you would have to contact respective party since it is not part of our service.
Q30: How to set up reverse check on Domain Name?
A30: TWNIC does not provide this service, you could contact the ISP who provide you IP address for this service.
Q31: Would it be possible to change the Domain Name that had been registered?
A31: Effective on March 1, 2001, TWNIC no longer provided service for changing Domain Names. Applicants shall not request for change for whatever reason.
Q32: Where could I check the registration regulations on English Domain Name?
A32: You could go to http://www.twnic.net.tw/English/DN_01.htm for reference.
Q33: What is the basic principle for applying individual Domain Name?
A33: (1) “First come first served”. If identical Domain Name was found, the applicant who applied first could keep the name and could register accordingly.
(2) To be eligible, applicant shall be the national of the Republic of China.
(3) One person could apply for a number of Domain Names.
(4) No document review would be necessary, but have to be confirmed by electronic mean.
Q34: For foreign firms not incorporated in our country, could they apply for “General Chinese Domain Name”?
A34: “General Chinese Domain Name” is still not open for foreign firms at this stage. However, this would be brought to the attention of TWNIC for detailed discussion. Any new decision on this would be posted in the web pages.